Menus & Party Trays

Fresh. Relaxed, casual atmosphere. Made-to-order from scratch. Great value. These are what make Romacelli the perfect place for any occasion.

Crisp salads drizzled with home-made dressings; pizzas loaded with your favorite toppings; fresh-baked bread filled with homemade meatballs and marinara; parmesan encrusted tilapia with pesto orzo...these are just some of the dishes that make Romacelli an epiphany for all your senses.

If that's not enticing enough, Romacelli Bistro e Vino, as the name implies, features a full bar including exceptional wine selections. In fact, Romacelli has its own wines…a red, a chardonnay and a phenomenal Reserve cabernet sauvignon…all hand-crafted by sustainable grape growers just for your palate's delight! Learn more about our Romacelli wines.



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